Class 3 Mini-Olympics

This week Class 3 have started our own mini-Olympics. We have split up into six teams, each with a different country from around the world, and enjoyed making our own flags.

In our first day of competition we have taken part in a variety of relay races, individual sprints and long distance races, and the discus. So far South Africa are ahead on our medal table with 5 gold medals, just in front of Australia and India.

Have a look at our photos below and check back to see how our Olympics progresses!

the sleepover

On saturday 29th june I went to Kaisza`s house. we played outside,we went to the park and after we went to McDonalds.Then after when kaisza`s mum and dad was taking me home kaisza stayed at my house and slept over.We went to the park.At the park we:climbed tree`s,went on this thing where there are like 2 zipline seats some bars that you hold on,and like a baby seat but way bigger and a rope and the rope is very uncomfortable.But after that i think we went in the zipline a couple of times and then cause we had been there for about 2 hours we went home and at home we had a table full of food there was:cheese & ham sandwiches,crumpets,sausage rolls, mini cheddars ,wouster sauce and ready salted and salt & vinegar.then we played on my laptop for a bit and watched My parents are aliens.It`s really funny then it got quite late so we had to go to bed.kaisza wanted to saty up til midnight!We stayed up past midnight then i fell asleep.In the morning we played noughts & crosses (i cheated a bit) then kaisza`s dad came for her and she went home.But after kaisza went home i was bored to death


Part 1…. I can hear other dinosaurs,I can smell poo!I can see lots of trees and feel lots of water.Where am I?I am at the Jurassic part of the dinosaurs. `To be continued…..
Part 2 ….I have to survive,what can I do?I need to find shelter,maybe a cave.So I search high and low and somehow find an enterance to a tiny cave.It took me ages to climb up the mountainside!How did I reach the top?I will reveal all in the next episode.
To be continued……
Part 3 …..I will tell you how I reached the top,I climbed up spikey trees with my bare hands then I felt myself being lifted up,I couldn`t believe it,a dinosaur was lifting me up on his enormous head!The hunt for water is now on.
To be continued……
Part 4 ….I am sure there is water at the bottom of the cave and I need to get it!I feel myself falling but luckily land in water,I am saved! I build a proper house using rocks and trees near to the water and I will hunt small animals for meat.
Episodes finished ……The end.

african drumming

This morning at scool we did somthing very epic. We did african drumming. It was 1 of my best lessons ever. We are class 3 but we went into class 6. We liked the druming because the beat went on and some people got to dance. The people who did dance the drum teacher called them the show offs. It was an amazing and I hope we can do it again.

by Tyler and Nicholas.

African drumming

On Monday 17th June we did some drumming. Me and Adam really liked the man and thought he was very good at the drums. We did lots of beats like give the dog a bone on the drum and they chose some show offs they were Owen Billy Charlie Spencer Esme and Bonnie. Butter the bread knife was also one of the beats and the man also did some wierd noises.

by Tom and Adam

african druming

Today me and my class had lots of fun doing lots of african drumming. Then after we did that we had some show of dancers. They had to run on the spot then they had to jump. The last bit we were split into two groups then we had to do different beats. The person that taught us sang a song and then we had to do a beat.

by Billy and Harrison

african drumming

On Monday 17th of June class 3 did african drumming. Most of us enjoyed it. It was actually really fun and the people who were voted the most show-offs were really funny when they had to jump up and down, up and down, then when the person that was teaching us the african dumming was funny when he went “ba-ba-ba-ba lada”. It was a really good lesson everyone was in time and it was a really nice rythm and tune. We learnt a song on the african drums.
by Kaisza and Lauryn